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You may not be in position at this very moment to obtain a constant Internet connection, or you do not have a computer at all. That does not mean that you should not have your web presentation of your own, and be present on the net of million users.
InfoSky is there to help you create a web presentation containing all necessary information about your organization or company, available on line 24 hours a day to all Internet users, on a single address: www.company_name.co.rs (or www.company_name.com), www.organization_name.org.rs, www.school_name.edu.rs.

What do I get from InfoSky?
Space on our server reserved for your presentation and usage of available services for basic webhosting package and services for advanced web hosting package.
Free domain registration company_name.co.rs company_name.co.rs, organization_name.org.rs, school_name.edu.rs.
Ftp account, used just for presentation setup and updates, and not for Internet access.
Rerouting the mail from your domain addresses to your Internet access account. What does it mean? Mail sent to namesurname1@company_name.co.rs, namesurname2@company_name.co.rs,..., is rerouted to one mail, e.g. company@infosky.net.
Link from InfoSky to your own presentation.
Acces to log files of your web site.

What does InfoSky expect of you?
To have your presentation prepared in HTML form, and place it on the server using ftp account. See the Instructions for business presentations setup
InfoSky Web design team is capable of creating web presentation following your desires. Get more information of our Web design page.
If you are interested send us a mail to the following address

What are the rates?

Basic web hosting package:
With basic web hosting package you will receive this services free.

Dinars 3 months 6 months 12 months
Setup 670 670 670
10MB 1.120 2.000 3.490
25MB 1.520 2.730 4.770
50MB 2.420 4.320 7.580
100MB 3.870 6.910 12.130


Advanced web hosting package:
With advanced web hosting package you will receive this services free, and you may use this features, too:
- place your own 404 page
- 5 corporate e-mail accounts
- analyze of your IIS logs
- SQL server

Dinars 3 months 6 months 12 months
Setup 1.330 1.330 1.330
25MB 2.900 5.510 9.790
50MB 4.060 7.700 13.680
100MB 6.480 12.300 21.870
200MB 9.070 17.220 30.620
250MB 10.690 20.295 36.085
500MB 17.640 33.490 59.540

For both packages quota for free monthly transfer rate is cir. 4K/s (1266MB/month).
In case of exceeding quota, every additional MB is charged 1 dinar for basic web hosting package and 2 dinars for advanced web hosting package.

When does your paid web hosting period start?

Your paid web hosting period starts as soon as any of the listed conditions is met:
- as soon as your presentation is uploaded
- when you start your mail forwarding
- if you paid for a one-year web hosting period, it starts one month from the registration date (in this case, it practically lasts 13 months)
- if you have paid for a period less than one year, your web hosting starts as soon as you are acknowledged that your domain has been registered

For all additional information please contact us: webmaster@infosky.net


Legal entities must add tax of 18% on represented prices.

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