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You can download program which will automatically setup TCP/IP protocol, Dial up connection, browser and your e-mail client. There are 2 available versions for download: .zip (280K) and .exe (.350K).
Detailed instructions for set up of all parameters in HTML format (program included) can be downloaded from here (718KB)

How to set up a dial up connection
How to set up a dial up connection for 042 number
How to setup a browser
How can i publish and maintain web site?
How can i publish and maintain a personal web page?
FAQ = frequently asked questions
Install InfoSky CA Certificate

Parameters for manual configuration and advanced users
Server Address Port
DNS 1 53
DNS 2 53
SMTP mail.InfoSky.net 25 / 465
POP3 pop.InfoSky.net 110 / 995
PROXY proxy.InfoSky.net 8080
NTP time.InfoSky.net 123
NEWS news.InfoSky.net 119
FTP ftp.InfoSky.net 21 / 20
SIP sip.InfoTel.rs 5060

Dial-in numbers


   Contact: support@infosky.net


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