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ispred.gif (340 bytes)What shall I do first to set up my web page?

Contact us on 3215-219 in order to check whether the domain you would like to use is not occupied, and to provide answers to any additional questions.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)What would my URL be ?

www.company_name.co.yu - Companies (privately owned, state owned, mixed owned, public) registered in compliance with the Law on Enterprises, are registered within "corporate" domain (CO.YU), regardless of their industry type.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)How do I upload my pages ?

FTP is abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol and serves for transfer of files from a local to the distant computer and vice versa. You can upload your pages using any FTP program, for instance Cute FTP. Username and password should be previously agreed with us, having called 3215-219. Enter ftp.company_name.co.yu. for host address.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)General notes

It makes difference to our server whether the name of the file is written in small or capital letters. You should also be careful when linking a file from HTML document. That means, if you typed slika.jpg for a file named slika.JPG, you could expect problems. Initial file of your web site has to me named index.html or index.htm.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)YU characters on the web

The most preferable (and most commonly used) standard using YU characters is ISO-8859-2 or Latin2. For its implementation you need a corresponding Windows version for Central and East Europe, or code page No. 28592. Windows 1250 code page is also acceptable, bearing in mind that users outside Central Europe do not usually have this code page. Compromising solution might be avoiding YU characters (i.e. using s,z,c).

And finally, what should be avoided by all means - YUSCII and some other less standard codes. The fact that you can see them clearly does not mean that the rest of Internet populace can also see them - as a result you get screen full of unfamiliar characters.


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