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ispred.gif (340 bytes)What shall I do first to set up my web page?

Send us a requesting mail to office@InfoSky.Net. We are going to sign you up and open an account enabling you to do that

ispred.gif (340 bytes)What would my URL be?

http://ww1.InfoSky.Net/-username - which means that it will depend on your user name.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)How do I upload my page?

If you have a Windows FTP client, the following lines are not necessary. They refer primarily to those Windows 95 users with FTP client installed.

Type: ftp ww1.InfoSky.Net from DOS prompt
If the connection is OK, our server will ask you for the username and password.
If that has gone OK, type cd public_html - you will find yourself in the basic directory of Your presentation.
Type bin - for binary file transfer.
From Icd (route) go to the wanted directory on your disk - and you are ready for file transfer of your presentation

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Short FTP instructions

FTP is abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol and serves for file transfer from a local to remote computer and vice versa. This is the list of basic FTP commands:

cd - Change of directory on the remote computer
lcd - Change of directory on the local computer
ls - Listing directory contents on the remote computer
bin - Binary file transfer (always to be used for home page)
asc - ASCII file transfer
get - file transfer from a remote to local computer (file name to be entered)
put - file transfer from a local to remote computer (file name to be entered)
mget - the same as under get, for more than one file which names meet the criteria (*.*transfer of all files)
mput - the same as under put, for more than one file which names meet the criteria (*.*transfer of all files )
mkdir - create directory on remote computer
del - delete file on remote computer (file name to be entered)
mdel - the same as under del, for more than one file which names meet the criteria
bye - end of work

If this seems too complicated to you, you could provide yourself with a FTP program, for instance Cute FTP.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)General notes

It makes difference to our server whether the name of the file is written in small or capital letters. You should also be careful when linking a file from HTML document. That means, if you typed picture.jpg for a file named picture.JPG, you could expect problems. Initial file of your web site has to me named index.html. Other HTML files may have either .htm or .html extension

ispred.gif (340 bytes)YU characters on the web

The most preferable (and most commonly used) standard using YU characters is ISO-8859-2 or Latin2. For its implementation you need a corresponding Windows version for Central and East Europe, or more specifically, code page No. 28592. Windows 1250 code page is also acceptable, bearing in mind that users outside Central Europe do not usually have this code page. Compromising solution might be avoiding YU characters (i.e. using s,z,c)

And finally, what should be avoided by all means - YUSCII and some other less standard code pages. The fact that you can see them clearly does not mean that the rest of Internet populace can also see them - as a result you get screen full of unfamiliar characters.

If You have additional questions, visit our FAQ page, or contact us by email support@infosky.net.



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