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If you wish to provide the fastest possible access to your applications and databases, for all Internet users, we offer our hosting services, where your server is directly connected to the fast Internet link. You can either use your own configuration or leas or buy a computer from us.
What is it you get from InfoSky?
Unique IP address
Internet backbone connection
Electric power
Space for your server with 24 hours security, with access possibilities during working hours.
What does InfoSky expect of you?
To allow us to measure Internet traffic realized through SNMP.

What is not allowed?
Installation and running of all programs and tools that are banned from Internet usage. For example, tools and programs used for SPAM distribution, sniffing, network scanning, attacking etc.

What are the fees?

n Prices in Dinars
One - time setup 5.700
Monthly subscription 2.850
Realized traffic per MB 3

We have prepared a couple of examples for realized traffic on monthly level:

Traffic Prices in Dinars
2,5 GB  13.600
5 GB  24.350
10 GB 45.850
20 GB 88.860

If You have any addittional questions, please contact us at sales@infosky.net

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