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Generally speaking, web presentation is a form of marketing. People worldwide like to call it Web Marketing.

Web marketing in general terms represents online search and exhibiting operations meant for profit acquiring purposes. It is actually an advertisement that, compared to standard advertising, differs in its main segments. Web searching facility helps people to find your presentation, if there is any.

What do we offer?
Advertising facilities on our web site with has up to 12000 hits a day.
Each banner is active (the user approaches your presentation by simply clicking on it), and reloadable (rotating).
Linking possibility to a specially arranged advertising page on InfoskySky server.
Detailed statistical data regarding your advertising exhibition, as well as the visits counter.


Placing a banner on our site
The rates are given on monthly basis.

banner dimensions Max. size home page every subpage
357*80 pix 7KB 2000din 1600din
292*80 pix 15KB 1600din 1200din

Banner design
Depending on the complexity and requirements of the client, the rates range between 1200 i 2400din.
Banner design in Flash!

Design of advertising html page
Depending on the complexity and requirements of the client, the rates range between 900 i 1800din.

Any question regarding marketing services on Infosky server are to be addressed to  webmaster@infosky.net

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