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ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q0. Everything is set according to the instructions, and it would not work! Something is wrong with
ispred.gif (340 bytes)your servers !

Of course, there is a slight possibility that you are right and that something is wrong with our servers. The statistics show however, that less than 1% of the problems have to do with the server. Therefore, dear user, you should check once again whether all you computer parameters are set in order, according to the instructions, which is a prerequisite for a successful connection.
We recommend that you try to identify your problem among the list of most frequently asked questions, listed bellow. If you are not in position to do that, please contact our technical support department for assistance.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q1. I continuously get a message to check my password and try again, though the password is OK

If you are 100% sure that your connection parameters are set in order and that the password you are entering is OK (check the small letters and Caps Lock key), it could have only one meaning: your account is locked (banned). There are several reasons for that: you have run out of time or abused the system (interference with other users).

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q2. When trying to change the password and/or check the remaining time, the browser send me the ispred.gif (340 bytes)message: FORBIDDEN...
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q2.1. On starting the browser I get the page "Infosky node" and cannot see either one.
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q2.2. After getting connected, everything except the web works.

Problems like this occur if the proxy server parameters are not properly set: the first one because of the empty "Do not use proxy forů" field, the second one because "proxy.Infosky.Net: was entered without filling in the "8080" port by manual set up or "http://proxy.InfoSky.Net?" without the given "proxy.pac" file with automatic configuration. You can find the solution on the http://www.InfoSky.Net/en/uputstva.html link for browser setting

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q3. I get connected OK, but can neither view any presentation, nor read a mail. "Server does not
ispred.gif (340 bytes)have DNS entry" error appears.

In 99.9% cases the reason is bad network configuration, i.e. network protocols collision. Click on "MyComputer->ControlPanel->Network" and in the list of network devices (if the computer is not connected to a local network, i.e. has no network card) it is sufficient to enter just: "Client for Microsoft Networks" (in W98 "Microsoft Family logon"), DialUp Adapter (ONLY ONE!!!) and "TCP/IP (for DialUp Adapter)" (ONLY ONE!!!). If there are more than one options, you have to clear the rest, then select the left over option, and delete it by pressing "Remove" (Client for Microsoft Networks iii- Family logon is not necessary).

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q4. Obstructions in mail download or it takes too long.

Considering the fact that certain mail reading programs do not show the download progress, the only way to find out what is going on is to watch the two computer icons placed in the right end of the Start line (so called Sys Tray). If their indicators are blinking, the download is in progress, you should be patient and wait for the large message to reach your computer. If they show no signs, the mail program is blocked. The reason is usually in coding of file attached to the mail, with character sequence confusing the mail program. You can solve the problem by deleting the troublesome message from the server and asking the sender to use different coding system (mime/BinHex). There is a useful program called "Magic Mail Monitor" enabling you to go through the mail headings without downloading them from the server, and to delete the unwanted mail without downloading it. This program can be downloaded from our Ftp server:
File size is 52 kb

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q5. Logging in goes smoothly, but the servers does not allow me to read the mail .

There are several possible reasons for this error:
- You have received more mail messages than your mail box can accept (you have exceeded the quota of 5 MB, which is limit for your mailbox)
- You have already initiated mail downloading by another program, and the server does not allow more than one simultaneous accesses to the mailbox. (the most usual combination is mail client/ICQ, since it is customary for ICQ and similar programs to make occasional checkup whether a mail has arrived)
- Previous modem connection is "broken" during the mail downloading from the server, in which case you should wait for 10 minutes and try again

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q6. It is not possible to download the mail from Eunet and/or some other systems, while I am on line
ispred.gif (340 bytes)
through Infosky ?

InfoSky does not allow access to mail server if you are not connected thorough our dial-up lines.
If You are connected to InfoSky you can download your mail from other providers only if they allow that.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q7. It is not possible to check my time and/or change the password if I am logged in through another
ispred.gif (340 bytes)

Infosky does not allow usage of these services from another systems for security reasons.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q8. I would like to have my personal web presentation. What is the procedure and how much space
ispred.gif (340 bytes) am I entitled to ?

Please send your mail request to support@InfoSky.Net. You will get a reply within 24 hours, with instructions for setting up and updating the page. You are entitled to 2MB space.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q9. Am I allowed to use Java applets?

Yes, your web page can have any of the HTML language elements, Java, JavaScript, etc.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q10. Can I run CGI scripts?

Running CGI scripts is not allowed to the users for security reasons. There are scripts supplied as part of your web space, and they are access counter and visitor's IP address identification.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q11. How do I set up the counter?

Send us a mail with your request to webmaster@InfoSky.Net , in order to let you use this facility. The next step is to enter:
<IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?dd=A|md=5|ft=2|tr=N|sh=Y|df=username.dat">
gde je:

code scope description
dd=A A-E Digit type
md=5 5-10 Number of digits in a number
ft=2 1-8 Border type
tr=N N-Y Transparent
sh=Y N-Y Digit display
df=x x.dat User_name

Here are some examples:
dd=A md=5 ft=1 tr=Y sh=Y
dd=B md=5 ft=5 tr=N sh=Y
dd=C md=5 ft=2 tr=N sh=Y
dd=D md=8 ft=1 tr=N sh=Y
dd=E md=10 ft=1 tr=N sh=Y
dd=A md=7 ft=1 tr=N sh=N  

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q12. What are the access rates?
ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q12a. Have the rates been changed lately?

A12. Information like this are updated regularly and complete rate scale is displayed in the "Rates" section on http://www.InfoSky.Net/en/cene.html for browser adjustment.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q13. Where and when can I pay for my Internet access time?

We have more and more selling sites each day. Have a look at our web under "SELLING SITES" (under CONTACT) and find the location that suits you best by working hours.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q14. How long does it take to have the payment registered on the agccount?

If you pay by a cash receipt (through a Post office, it take couple of days. In that case, it is recommended to bring the receipt in person to our headquarters in Jevrejska 32 or send a fax copy, which can be done from the Post office where you settled the payment. In case you made payment at any of our selling sites, you can count that those payments made before 3.p.m. will be registered at 3.30 p.m. the latest, while those made later on are registered and accounts activated up to 10.00 p.m., or the following day, at the latest.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q15. According to the list of accesses, the call came from an unfamiliar number. I am calling from a
ispred.gif (340 bytes)new switchboard. What is the matter?

There are two possibilities:
- Your call was made through analogue lines and the system was not capable of locating it
- Your account is being abused
In the latter case, provided you have not allowed to somebody else deliberately to use your account, change he password as soon as possible and send a warning mail to support@InfoSky.Net or make a phone call to our technical support department.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q16. My computer has a security system installed and it detected the abuse. What shall I do ?

Send us the complete data provided by the program (log) to abuse@InfoSky.Net and we shall do our best to identify and punish the abuser. Very important (for log verification reasons) to have your computer time set correctly. In order to adjust your system time with the atom clock, you can use our "Atom Time" program which can be downloaded free of charge from our FTP server on the following address:
File size: 477 kb

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q17. There is continuing unauthorized access to my Internet account. What is going on? How to
ispred.gif (340 bytes)prevent it?

First step is to make sure whether your time has been stolen. If it is obvious, you should provide one of the latest versions of anti-virus program. Protect your computer, log in the Infosky and change your password. On logging in, a user has to be identified by a username, account, and password. Your account could be abused by anyone who knows your password, and your username. Special attention should be paid to data security!

You can download from our server a couple programs providing efficient data security:

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q18. What is my IP address? What is my DNS address?

While establishing Internet connection, our server and your computer determine the user's IP address and DNS servers. IP address is allocated dynamically, i.e. the user is allocated the first available address for each log. It means that while setting IP address, automatic allocation should be specified, as it is not possible to predetermine the user's IP address. If you want to find out what is your current IP addres click here.
DNS server addresses could also be determined. While establishing the connection, in some cases it is also necessary to specify DNS server address: for WinNT users, for some Windows98 users, in cases of several Internet connections (more than one provider). So, in "DialUp Networking", "Properties", for a particular connection choose "Specify DNS address" option and set for "Primary DNS": 195.250.98, and for "Secondary DNS":

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q19. This is my first setup. What is my password?

Your initial password is written on your sign up card. If you have lost it, contact our technical support and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD on the very first connection!!!

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q20. Do small and capital letters make any difference for the username and password?

While logging in, you should take care about the small and capital letters. Therefore, it is not the same whether you have written Petar or petar.
In order to have a successful connection, you should use small letters for your username !

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q21. "news.InfoSky.net" does not have the group I am interested in. Why?

News groups offered by "news.InfoSky.Net" are the news groups downloaded from other news servers on the web, that serve for public exchange. If you would like to have any particular news group that does not exist on "news.InfoSky.net", try to fetch it directly from the news server that has sent it.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q22. When does the lower rate apply?

VIf you START AND FINISH your connection in the period 02.00 a.m. - 08.00 a.m. of the same day, you will be charged 50% lower rate for your Internet access time.

ispred.gif (340 bytes)Q23. Is there a special rate for mail reading?

Infosky has introduced special rating system (applicable to e-mail services only), if you dial number 319-40-55. Your connections realized through this telephone number are charged half price.

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